Atlantica Online Updates Ndoors – New Dungeon

Just the other day Ndoors released a patch for their turn based fantasy MMORPG Atlantica Online which added a new dungeon to the game as well as make the battle system more efficient. Now, Atlantica Online isn’t a game I play too often, as I find myself quite occupied with the MMORPGs that I currently play, which nowadays is mostly League of Legends and King of Kings 3. League of Legends I play because I like the entire Land of Chaos Online / DotA feel to it. I’ve always been a fan of Aeon of Strife games since I played the original on Starcraft on Battle Net. King of Kings 3 I play because Gamigo made a great PvP MMORPG with it. It’s hugely competitive, much more so than Archlrod from Webzen or even Aika from gPotato. I think I’ll stick with it until Continent of the Ninth comes out, which should replace that as my PvP MMO of choice. R2: Reign of Revolution looks neat too on the PvP MMO front, but C9 looks way more awesome.

Okay, I got a bit side tracked. And by a bit side tracked I mean a lot side-tracked. I think the reason why Atlantica Online is being updated more frequently than back when it first launched is that Nexon bought Ndoors. Since Nexon bought it, they’ve been churning out content updates more regularly. In case ya don’t know, Nexon is best known for their side scrolling MMORPG MapelStory and their hardcore bloody action game Vindictus. They publish the retro arcade brawler Dungeon Fighter Online too. The reason I mention these games is because they’re all hugely successful. Nexon really knows how to make free to play in North America popular. Some of the most popular Free MMORPGs available in the U.S. Are published by Nexon – and that’s for a reason. They know what’s up when it comes to making and developing good games. I think they’re going to do a great job making sure Atlantica Online remains popular.

One thing that I’m curious about is if Nexon will help Ndoors further develop their own side-scrolling MMORPG WonderKing. The thing is, WonderKing competes with Nexon’s flag ship MMORPG MapleStory. I say FlagShip because MapleStory has some 100 million accounts world-wide. Only a handful of other MMORPGs can make such a claim. Scions of Fate from Netgame is one them and maybe Perfect World from Perfect World Entertainment. I suspect by the time Forsaken World launches in North America, it’ll also have those numbers worldwide. I hope Atlantica Online manages to reach a broader audience, as its a really fun turn based MMORPG. It puts other turn based titles like Wonderland Online and Myth War 2 Online from IGG to shame.


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