What’s up with DDTank and All these Browser MMOs

Why is it that browser MMOs like DDTank and Caesary are launching all over the place? By all over the place I mean multiple publishers. DDTank has been available on Aeria Games for a while, but the game is ALSO launching on Games321 – the same publisher behind Fairy Story Online. DDTank is ALSO launching on YooGames – another MMO publisher. Caesary is pretty much doing the same exact thing. It originally launched on Aeria Games then spread like wild fire and is now available on half a dozen different MMO publishers.

These two MMOs aren’t the only ones doing this. Lords Online which IGG Launched is now available on numerous different websites. Max Pow – the cooperative bomb lobbing browser based game is doing the exact same thing! I can’t quite wrap my mind around this, because it’s not like each website is launching the game in a different region – sort of like how ijji publishes Lunia in North America while OGPlanet runs it in Europe. DDTank on Games321 and Aeria Games are BOTH marketing towards the same global audience. It makes ZERO sense. It’s also not like Sacred Seasons 2 where multiple sites “embed” the same flash game and share servers. In this case, each publisher runs their own server for the exact same game. Dozens of companies are running the same exact game and competing for the same audience.

Not all browser games are doing this though. BigPoint is the sole publisher of SeaFight, Dark Orbit and Deepolis. Puzzle Pirates is still being self published, War of Legends is still exclusively on Jagex and Might and Magic Heroes Kingdoms is also on its own server. This browser game shouldn’t be confused with Heroes of Might and Magic Online which is a client based 2D MMORPG from TQ Digital. It seems like this is the growing trend amongst browser based games – simply find as many companies out there to publish your game. But if you look at the facts. The cold hard numbers. The most successful MMORPGs aren’t the ones with half a dozen publishers, they’re the ones with a SINGLE publisher. Games like Perfect World, The Lord of the Rings Online and Battle of the Immortals. Games like Grand Fantasia, Kitsu Saga and Grand Chase. These all have ONE publisher in each region and that’s it. There’s no reason for these games to compete amongst themselves. It sucks for the publishers because none of them can attract a sizeable playerbase and it SUCKS more for players because MMOs aren’t enjoyable without a large community. Even Ministry of War and Heroes of Gaia from Snail Games are launching their games on EVERY publisher possible. I think the only downloadable F2P game that does anything like this is Myth Angels Online, as it has two versions of the same game. Angels Online by IGG and Myth Angels Online by UserJoy.

Anyone else feel the same way? Even the more successful browser based games like Grepolis and Travian aren’t trying to have their game on a zillion publishers. So why are these newer games doing it?


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