Uncharted Waters Online – Cool MMORPG

Know what’s a pretty cool MMORPG? Uncharted Waters Online, called Great Voyage Online in Japan, from Netmarble. Yeah, I know – this is a weird way to start a piece, but I had a chance to really delve into the game last week and have been playing it quite a bit. The game is published by Netmarble who, oddly enough, only has one other free to play game in English – Mini Fighter Online. Netmarble is apparently really big in South Korea as they have Prius Online and Koongya Adventure over there, but they only have these two games in English. It doesn’t really matter though, as Netmarble didn’t actually develop Uncharted Waters Online anyway. The Japanese game developer Koei did back in 2005. So Yeah, Let’s get this bit out of the way right now. Even though Uncharted Waters Online launched globally in English in 2010, the game originally launched in 2005. At least the game isn’t as old as Darkeden from JoyMax of Digimon Battle from WeMade Entertainment. I think the biggest criticisms I’ve seen online about Uncharted Waters Online is its age.

Anyway, I’ve already talked quite a bit about Uncharted Waters Online, but I haven’t even explained what it is! The game is set during the Age of Exploration where players act as adventurers, soldiers or traders. The game world is quite large and trading is a a great way to make profit. The game has 6 nationalities which span from England to the Republic of Venice. There’s also PvP in the game, but I don’t want to get into too many details. One important detail though is that the game has both a land and sea component to it – much like two other Naval MMORPGs – Pirates of the Burning Sea from Sony Online Entertainment and Voyage Century from IGG. Aside from these three games, and perhaps Navyfield, there really aren’t that many sea based MMORPGs out there. I guess this sort of makes the whole theme surrounding Uncharted Waters Online original. Like Silkroad Online, the game is actually set during a real historical time period.

I think Uncharted Waters Online is a neat game and a unique MMORPG. If the older graphics are a turn off, I recommend you checkout Dynasty Warriors Online – It’s an action MMORPG based on the Dynasty Warriors franchise developed by the same company, Koei. Dynasty Warriors Online is a three kingdoms based MMORPG published by Aeria Games. It’s also free to play, but its visuals are quite a bit better than those in Uncharted Waters. The two games are completely different, and I think if you want to play a more original game, Uncharted Waters is the one to play. If you want something more hands on and actiony, go with Dynasty Warriors Online. Come to think of it, there are only a handful of Japanese MMORPGs out there anyway – so you might as well play both! Aside from the two games I mentioned in this post already, there’s Florensia and CosmicBreak. That’s really about it. But anyway, give these games a try, if you’re looking for a new game to try.


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