Vindictus New Mage Class Released

The new Evie class in Vindictus launched on October 28 when the game launched from open beta to full release. Unfortunately for my brethren in Europe, Vindictus is still North America only on the Nexon website. Luckily, the EU version is scheduled to release soon – but the end of 2010 actually. Anyone who hasn’t played Vindictus yet, definitely should. It’s easily the best action MMORPG out. I say easily, because it puts other action MMORPGs like GhostX from GameKiss, Fists of Fu from OutSpark and Dragon Saga from Gravity Interactive. After playing Vindictus, I can no longer even consider playing another action MMORPG. Not to gush, but Vindictus easily raises the bar for free to play MMORPGs. I mean, there’s no reason to even play Divine Souls, Iris Online or any other upcoming MMORPG. Vindicuts puts em all to shame.

vindictus-barbarian Enough gushing though. Even though Nexon just added the new Mage class to the game, I’m very disappointed with the class variety in the game, as it launched into early access beta a month or so ago with a mere 2 playable classes. Even though it has 3 classes now, that’s still awful. Even older MMORPGs like Rappelz, Fly For Fun and Fiesta Online all have more than four classes. In fact, the best MMORPGs have much more than four classes. Runes of Magic has a unique dual-classing system that creates 25+ class combinations. Grand Chase has some 12+ character classes while League of Legends has 30+ playable heroes. I think it’s pretty clear that most gamers want variety in there games. Learning that Vindictus only has three classes is probably disappointing to others too, especially since Nexon has done a great job with MapleStory. I mean MapleStory has some 10+ starting classes, and each of those classes have 3 different job advancements. I think Ragnarok Online and The Lord of the Rings Online have been so successful because of their huge variety of playable classes. I remember playing MapleStory for as long as I did, because anytime I got bored of my characters, I would make a new one and try out another class. Having lots of classes gives players things to do. Of course having a lot of classes means balance usually goes out the window, but I don’t think MMORPG class balance is even that important, so long as one character isn’t absurdly over powered.

rappelz-power-attack.jpg I’m getting a bit side tracked though. Aside from the class issue, the only other little complaint I have with Vindictus is its linearity. Now don’t get me wrong, I liked the linearity of Lunia, but the lack of a persistent world in a realistic game like Vindictus is a let down. The only persistent area in Vindictus is the town areas, which are broken down into different channels. This is actually a lot like the towns in Guild Wars from NCSoft. The game also currently lacks PvP, but I can bet it’ll be one of the best PvP MMORPGs once it’s implemented, as the action oriented gameplay takes a lot of skill. I really liked the PvP in Dungeon Fighter Online and Dynasty Warriors Online, so I’m sure i’ll enjoy the PvP in Vindictus.

Maybe I’m being too much of a negative Nancy. I just wanted to point out the few drawbacks to Vindictus. If you haven’t played it yet, give it a try. I’m sure you’ll love it.


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