Growth of GOOD Browser MMOs

We’ve all heard of and probably played browser based real time strategy games like War of Legends, Caesary and Travian, but have you heard of Dark Orbit or Outer Galaxies? Both are PvP heavy sci-fi themed MMORPGs set in space. Both have a large and persistent game world and play significantly different than all of those strategy games that we’re all tired of. Heck, just yesterday I found TWO more obscure browser based strategy MMORPGsThree Kingdoms and Ministry of War. It seems like these games just keep popping up. On the positive side, there are actual MMORPGs being created on the web browser – which are actually… good. Games like Adventure Quest Worlds and The West for example. Aside from these games though there are actually some good social MMORPGs too.

Social MMORPGs like Fantage, Roblox and Puzzle Pirates are enormously popular too. Gaia Online for example has MILLIONS of users world wide and is one of the most popular browser games ever. Habbo used to be super duper popular, but the game’s popularity peaked back in 2007 or so, it’s been in decline ever since. Games like Ourworld and Star Doll are unusually popular too. Honestly though, at this point – I’d rather play a children’s game like Stardoll over games like Tanoth and Kingory – as those strategy games are getting super repetitive, especially since they’re all basically the exact same game. Except for maybe Lord of Ultima from Electronic Arts and Cultures Online from Gamigo. Those are both a bit different, but they’re overall pretty bad games still. So skip on them. In fact, skip on the entire RTS genre for browser games, as they’re all lame. If you’re looking for a good CLIENT based strategy game try Savage 2 or Battleforge – both are top notch games that deserve more attention. They’re both pretty indy games too.

Aside from social MMORPGs and strategy games on the browser, numerous other browser games have launched. DDTank from Aeria Games being one of the few unique ones. I say unique, because DDTank is the only worms style browser based game. The game isn’t entirely original as it plays a lot like GunBound – except on the browser. It’s basically a browser based Gunbound, instead of having many different mobiles, the game has an equipment system where attributes are determined by gear / weapons equipped rather than by which bot you’re using. Other more interesting browser based MMOs include Poisonville from BigPoint and Fragoria from Suba Games. Fragoria, like Neverland Online and Pet Forest, is a fully fledged browser based MMORPG. I say fully fledged, because it plays much like Hero Online, Fiesta Online or any other actual client based game.

One thing browser based games are really missing though are MMOFPS games. Imagine if you could play Battlefield Heroes or Mission Against Terror on the browser? Or an even more awesome game like Alliance of Valiant Arms from ijji. Heck, ijji should have made Genesis A.D and Karma: Operation Barbarossa browser based shooters. How awesome would that be?

The point of this post was to discuss the state of browser based games. Even though there are still a zillion strategy games on the browser, I think more and more actual MMORPGs and MMOs will be released, rather than generic empire building games.


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