Gravity Launches Warp Portal – Steam like MMO Platform?

Since Gravity Interactive launched their new site Warp Portal, I figured they would launch their own steam like service too – much like “Reactor” from ijji. One place where you can launch all of Gravity’s games would make sense actually. Gravity did just that when they launched “GateWay” a game launcher very similar to ijji’s Reactor service. Unfortunately, Gravity only has four games to put on their launcher right now – Requiem, Ragnarok Online, Rose Online and Dragon Saga, whereas ijji has like 15-20 games on their reactor service from Atlantica Online to Rohan Online. The think about the ijji reactor is, that you can launch non-ijji games like Neo Steam, Holybeast Online and Warrior Epic through it – which makes it really varied. Compared to Gravity’s “GateWay” program, ijji’s Reactor is much better.

Hopefully sometime in the future Gravity can eventually get more games to launch through their own “GateWay” service, as right now the ijji Reactor is mopping the floor with them. Even so, the whole “GateWay” thing is much better than what they had before – which was nothing. Having one hub where you can launch all of a company’s games makes things really easy for gamers. I can safely say this because I actually like using the ijji reactor to launch games. Plus, it saves a lot of space on my desktop. Instead of having an icon for 20+ games, I can have one icon to the ijji Reactor, and that’s it! I don’t even play half of the games on ijji, but I still like using it. One issue with Gravity’s “GateWay” thing is that games still have to install outside of the program. What I mean to say is when you click on a game to install, it just loads up Internet Explorer and it begins downloading the game from there – whereas on Reactor I can click on Splash Fighters or Genesis A.D and it’ll begin installing from within Reactor – much like how Steam installs games within the Steam service.

So who’s going to win in the end – ijji Reactor vs “GateWay”? I Think ijji will be the more popular choice, but I think Gravity made the right call to make all of their games available through one program. Plus it sort of encompasses all of their games – the same way their new site “Warp Portal” does. I just wish that someone would release a version of “Steam” which included EVERY single MMO and MMORPG from popular games like Runes of Magic and The Lord of the Rings Online to more obscure titles such as Zu Online and World of Kung Fu. Imagine a Steam like system where you log into 200+ free to play MMOs with a single account. That would be awesome.


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