Upcoming MMO Shooters

Fans of MMO shooters should be excited – ijji announced that their sci-fi themed shooter Genesis A.D is launching into open beta sometime in early November. When exactly in early November still remains a mystery. I’ve played countless MMO shooters from Alliance of Valiant Arms to Operation 7, but I’m still excited about Genesis A.D. Why? Because it’s only of the only sci-fi themed MMO shooters aside from S4 League. All the other MMOFPS games are set during modern times – so seeing a game that breaks away from the norm is exciting. Luckily, Genesis A.D isn’t the only MMOFPS game launching soon.

Karma: Operation Barbarossa – the World War 2 themed MMOFPS should be launching into open beta in the next few months. I say next few months because no official release schedule has been published for the game yet. The upcoming MMO game has already been in development for over a year now and it has already gone through a few rounds of closed beta testing, which makes me believe that the next round of testing will be open beta. The only really fascinating thing about Karma: Operation Barbarossa is that its a World War 2 themed MMOFPS. I know what you’re thinking, a World War 2 themed FPS shouldn’t surprive anyone – but the thing is there aren’t ANY other WW2 themed “MMO” shooters. Sure, there are countless console shooters set during World War 2, but not that many MMOs. Heck there aren’t that many WW2 themes MMOs. Aside from World of Tanks, Tank Ace and Company of Heroes Online I’m drawing blanks. There aren’t that many World War 2 themed MMOs out there. So Karma should be something different. Most MMOFPS games today are modern “tactical” games like Combat Arms. In fact, If you’ve played Combat Arms, you might as well have played Sudden Attack from GameHi and Mission Against Terror from Suba Games and these games are remarkably similar.

MKZ Online from GamersFirst is another MMOFPS game that was announced several months ago that’s due to release in the next few months – at least into closed beta. MKZ is yet another tactical modern FPS, but I’m hoping the gameplay is enjoyable, as it’s not exactly doing anything to push the genre forward. I’m also hoping the game doesn’t stall – the same way Parabellum did. I’m actually still waiting for Parabellum to release, but the game has been labeled as “coming soon” for over a year now. Unfortunately a game that’s been “coming soon” for over a year is dead in my book – as Huxley: The Dystopia has been “coming soon” for nearly 2 years now on the ijji and Webzen portals.

Did I miss any other big releases? Genesis A.D, Karma Operation Barbarossa and MKZ Online I think are the most interesting FPS games coming out in the near future. If I missed an MMO game let me know!


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