Fighting MMOs Are All the Same

I know I’ve complained about MMOFPS games being all the same before – after all they are. I mean look at Combat Arms, WolfTeam, Sudden Attack and Soldier Front. They’re all the exact same game with slightly different graphics! But anyway, I digress. The point is all fighting MMOs seem to be the same exact thing too. Obviously they aren’t identical, but they’re all largely the same thing. I mean if you’ve played Rumble Fighter, you might as well have played both GetAmped 2 and Splash Fighters too, as the games are very similar. Zone4: Fight District from OGPlanet is a tad bit different, as the art style and camera angles are a bit original, but aside from that it’s the same kind of arena style brawler game as Rumle Fighter and GetAmped 2. Both Splash Fighters and GetAmped 2 are from the same company – CyberStep, in case you didn’t know.

There is one fighting MMORPG out there though that’s both unique and fun – and it’s called Lost Saga. I can safely say it’s the best fighting MMORPG i’ve ever played. It knocks the socks off of Rumble Fighter and Zone4. Why? Because the visuals are so much smoother, the gameplay is fluid and the game has a 15+ characters in it. This means that if you ever get bored of the game, simply switch characters. Each character offers a unique style of play and has their own set of skills, abilities and growth. I think if you’re looking for a fighting MMO to play, Lost Saga should be #1 on your list. Come to think of it though, there really aren’t very many fighting MMOs. There are a ton of Brawler MMORPGs like Fists of Fu and Soul Master, but there really aren’t that many actual fighting games.

I almost forgot about Mini Fighter Online! It’s from NetMarble – the Korean MMORPG publisher who also publishes Uncharted Waters Online. The thing about Mini Fighter is that it’s both a fighting MMO and a brawler MMORPG in one. The game has a lobby based fighting aspect like Rumble Fighter, but it also has a persistent world brawler element where players can run through dungeons and kill enemies. So the game mixes Dungeon Fighter Online style PvE with Zone4 style PvP. The game’s visuals are also sort of neat, as they closesly resemble Street Fighter – except with more chibi graphics. I say chibi is the abstract sense, as the game is by no means a cute MMORPG. It looks nothing like Luna Online or Legend of Edda. It looks more like a miniature version of Street Fighter than anything else.

Both Lost Saga and Mini Fighter Online are the only fighting MMOs worth checking out in my opinion. If you’re bored one day give them both a try. You won’t regret it! =]


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