Disney Loves MMOs

It looks like Disney is beginning to embrace free to play MMOs and MMORPGs. With games like Club Penguin, Pixie Hallow, World of Cars Online and Pirates of the Caribbean Online. But I wouldn’t be surprised if they began embracing the genre even more. Heck, with the purchase of Playdom – Disney is getting their hands on the lucrative social games market too. Disney now controls games like Social City, Market Street, and countless other popular facebook games. So what’s next for Disney? Hopefully more client based MMORPGs.

Disney has one awesome asset that could be used to churn out many new MMORPGs. Which asset? Marvel. They bought the comic book / film company a few years ago and have been making big bucks with superhero movies. I’m surprised they haven’t released any Superhero MMORPGs yet, as with the success of the movies, you’d imagine Disney would capitalize on the moment and at least develop a few games, but they haven’t yet. Club Penguin currently makes A LOT of money for Disney, which is why I wouldn’t be surprised to see them make more MMOs.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Disney buy BigPoint – the maker of numerous browser based MMORPGs like SeaFight, Deepolis, Dark Orbit and Farmerama. They actually publish a few more in depth games like Maestia and Poisonville too. Actually – on second thought Disney probably wouldn’t buy BigPoint for one reason – they don’t want to associate their brand with games like Poisonville – which is a bloody GTA style MMO. I think Disney will buy other kids games like Neopets, Moshi Monsters or Gaia Online. Star Doll may be a good buy for them too. Maybe they’ll buy up a few other social game companies – as they seem to be all the rage lately. Zynga is making a ton of money with Farmville and Fishville. But do you know what the PERFECT fit for Disney would be? Free Realms and Clone Wars Adventures from Sony Online Entertainment. Both games are aimed towards kids and stuff Disney would be interested in.

Disney could develop MMOs on their other franchises too. Right now they have a game called Toon Town, which is pay to play MMORPG with a free trial. It’s a cartoony themed game, but it doesn’t have any of the popular Disney characters like Mickey Mouse or anything in it. An MMORPG with actual Disney MMORPGs could be ridiculously popular.


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