More Chinese MMORPGs Launching in the West

We all know that Koreans are big on free to play MMORPGs, but so are the Chinese. In fact, there are more MMORPG players in China than in South Korea. I know that’s not exactly a fair comparison, as there are A LOT more people in China than in Korea. My point though is that MMORPGs are big in China and Chinese developed MMORPGs are coming to the West. In fact, OutSpark – the company behind Fiesta Online, Secret of the Solstice, Divine Souls, Erebus Travia Reborn and Fists of Fu announced that they are in late-stage talks to be bought out by another company. Rumors are that the company buying Outspark is Shanda Games – a large Chinese MMORPG developer and publisher. Perfect World Entertainment is one of the biggest MMO Companies in the world, as it’s valued at over $1 billion. The company is best known for Perfect World, Forsaken World, Jade Dynasty and Battle of the Immortals. Perfect World Entertainment is actually publicily traded on the stock market, so you can easily look up their market capitalization. ChangYou is also a huge Chinese MMO company worth over $1 billion. They’re the company behind Zentia, Dragon Oath and Blade Wars. Did you know Business Tycoon Online is also Chinese developed?

ChangYou actually only recently started expanding into the West. They launched TLBB in Europe, which is the same game as Dragon Oath, except with a name. They’re busy launching more titles with Zentia being their newest. Aside from ChangYou and Perfect World Entertainment, another big Chinese MMORPG company is IGG – the guys behind Galaxy Online, Angels Online, Myth War 2 Online, Tales of Pirates 2, Voyage Century and Godswar Online. They publish a bunch of browser games like Lords Online and FreeSky Online too. They’re a huge MMO publisher here in the U.S. Fairy Story Online recently launched in the U.S. Earlier in August and it’s yet another new Chinese MMORPG. Korean MMORPGs are big in the West, but it looks like Chinese MMORPGs are catching up. In fact UserJoy – the company who developed Kingdom Heroes announced that they will be self-published Myth Angels Online in the U.S. Starting sometime in October.

Other Chinese MMORPG companies include Snail Games – who publishes Ministry of War, Heroes of Gaia, Age of Armor and several other free to play MMOs here in the West. Obviosuly new Korean MMOs like Mission Against Terror, Monster Forest and Uncharted Waters Online are also launching here in the West, but Chinese MMORPGs are also growing very fast.

What do you guys think think of Chinese MMORPGs? I used to think they were all really low quality until I play Jade Dynasty and Perfect World. Perfect World Entertainment is solid game developer imho.


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