Maestia MMORPG Is EU Only. Bleh

I recently learned that the upcoming MMORPG Maestia which actually launched its open beta earlier today (September 15, 2010) is EU only. That’s right – BigPoint, the game’s publisher, has MMO IP blocks in place to prevent North American users from logging in. I think I’ve touched on this topic before, but I absolutely hate MMORPGs that have IP blocks. Seriously. When Martial Empries launched into open beta through Gamigo, the game was accessible world wide. After it left beta, the game was EU only. So again, North American IP addresses were blocked. It’s not always EU games blocking North American IP addresses though. Back when gPotato launched Aika Online, the game was available world-wide again. After beta, the game blocked all EU ip addresses. This wasn’t a huge deal, as 3 months later T3Fun launched the global service for Aika Online which allowed everyone to play, besides North American users as they had their own service.

The problem with IP blocks is that they screw over a lot of players. I really want to play Maestia for example, but I can’t because it’s EU only. I don’t know if there will ever be a Global or North American version either – as it hasn’t been announced. Not all companies are bad at keeping their players informed though. ChangYou – the company behind Zentia and Dragon Oath have their games available in Both EU and North America. They even have their games in Asia! Perfect World Entertainment is the same way. Their games are available in ALL regions. I think they can do this because they self-publish ALL of their games rather than going through publishers. So they’re the developer and publisher. For this reason Jade Dynasty, Perfect World, Battle of the Immortals and Forsaken World are available in many regions. I would actually prefer that these games all exist In ONE global server, as the best MMORPGs have large playerbases.

I actually recently learned about Maestia’ EU only status. It came as a surprise to me because BigPoint publishes Dark Orbit, SeaFight and Deepolis world-wide. Why can’t they do the same for Maestia? I guess it’s because whoever actually developed the game didn’t sell BigPoint the U.S. License. Which I think is really stupid. MMO developers are being stupidly greedy. I say stupidly, because they’re losing out on business. Having one large server would most certainly make the game more profitable. I mean, just look at Webzen and Soul of the Ultimate Nation. It’s a global service and it’s doing dang well. I guess for now I’ll just try Maestia anyway by using a European IP address, but I won’t commit to the game as i’d rather play on a service that welcomes me. Anyone else upset about this or is it just me? Bleh.


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