MMORPGs and Level Caps

Why do so many MMORPGs have low level caps? I just don’t get it. The Lord of the Rings Online from Turbine has a level cap of 65 while Dungeons and Dragons Online has a low level cap of 20. Other MMORPGs like Runes of Magic and Atlantica Online also have low level caps. I don’t know about you guys, but I hate reaching max level and hitting a brick wall in terms of progression. It’s like there’s no point of playing an MMO anymore once you’re max level. Every game should have a HIGH level cap or some other form of of advancement upon reaching maximum level.

Personally, I enjoy games like Fly For Fun from gPotato and MapleStory, as they have high level caps. Fly For Fun has a level cap of 120+ while MapleStory’s cap is at 200. Cabal Online also has a really high leval cap of 100+ as does Mu Online. Why is it that these old MMORPGs can have such high level caps and newer ones like Craft of Gods and 4Story have such low level caps? It seems like older games are the ones with the highest level caps. Mu Online and Ragnarok Online both have really high level caps – as does The Legend of Mir 3.

Games don’t necessarily need higher level caps to be fun. So long as there’s some sort of progression at the end game, it’s fine. One example of a game with excellent end game progression is EverQuest 2 from Sony Online Entertainment. Once you reach the maximum level, you can still keep playing because you can earn alternative advancement points, which can be used to further advance your character. This is on top of regular experience – so there’s no real end to the game. You can just keep on playing, and the longer you do – the better your character gets. DarkFall Online is also like this, as there’s no skill caps in the game. You can learn every single skill in the game. Eve Online is the same exact way. Unfortunately, both of these MMORPGs are Free Trial games, so you can only play them for a week or two without paying. After that, you have to pony up and fork over the monthly subscription fee.

Social Games like OurWorld and Gaia Online don’t have this problem, as they have no real levels. So you can just keep on playing them. But social games aren’t really that fun, as there’s not much to do aside from chatting. You can also marry people in these games, but marriage in MMORPGs is just weird imho. I mean, how long can you keep playing a game like Habbo before getting bored? What do you guys think? Do you support higher level caps too? Or is that just me?


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