Why Did Sword of the New World Change its Name?

Sword of the New World, also called Granado Espada in Asia, is a free to play 3D fantasy MMORPG that recently re-launched as “Sword 2” in North America. The game is by GamersFirst – the same company behind Knight Online, War Rock, 9Dragons, MKZ Online,Victory: The Age of Racing and numerous other free to play games. Sword of the New World has always been one of the best MMORPGs imho, as it has top notch graphics and some of the best music in any MMORPG. For some reason though, the game changed its name to Sword 2. You’d imagine that this change took place with some sort of major content update, but that isn’t the case. The game did receive a pretty large patch after changing its name, which added new areas to the game and items, but I don’t think they needed to change the game’s name. Imagine what would happen if MapleStory changed its name to LeafTown or Runes of Magic changed its name to Magical Mysteries or something else random. People would get confused.

If they wanted to make everyone know they updated the game, why not change the game’s name to Sword of the New World 2? Sword 2 is just confusing. I bet a lot of people thought the game shut down, as it’s no longer called Sword of the New World. Sword 2 isn’t the only game that re-launched and changed its own name. Heat Online is the same exact game as Project Torque – except with a different name. Since Aeria Games shut it down in August, Heat Online launched and picked up the North American slack for the game – as Level-R is still alive and well in Germany through Gamigo. I also dislike it when new MMORPGs launch in North America with completely different names than their Asian counterparts. When Nexon announced that they will be launching Mabinogi Heroes in North America as Vindictus. This name change confused a lot of people, myself included. Why did they chose to do this? Mabinogi Heroes was a perfectly fine name, even though the game had little to do with Mabinogi.

Company of Heroes Online recently launched in North America. In Asia Company of Heroes Online is called Company of Heroes Online. See what THQ did there? The game has the same name in both areas. So why can’t other MMORPG publishers do this? Keep things simple. MapleStory did the same thing in both Asia and in the U.S. This is the way to do things. Dungeons and Dragons Online did the same thing, but so many games rename themselves or re-launch with different names.


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