Maestia is Releasing Soon!

Maestia, the upcoming 3D fantasy MMORPG, finally has a North American publisher – BigPoint. In case you haven’t heard of Big Point – they’re the same company behind SeaFight, Xblaster, Dark Orbit and numerous other browser games. I think Maestia is their first non browser based MMORPG. I know they used to publish Fiesta Online for a while, but they didn’t REALLY publish it. They simply “channeled” it – like how ijji channels Rohan Online from YNK Interactive and HolyBeast Online from CyberStep.

I tried registering for the closed beta for Maestia, but I couldn’t. When you click on “Register” on the official Maestia website – nothing happens. At least while the game is in closed beta. Graphically, the game looks gorgeous. Players can run through dungeons under different difficulty options. The higher the difficulty – the better the rewards. This is actually very similar to the difficulty options in Dungeons and Dragons Line from Turbine, Soul Master from GamesCampus and Dungeon Fighter Online from Nexon. In fact, lots of other games utilize this system – where players can set the difficulty for the dungeon they’re about to run. I’m hoping the character customization in Maestia is good.

The game boasts over 80 different skills for each job class and a cool randomized item system – like Diablo 2’s. I think Mu Online is the only other free to play MMO with a randomized item system. I’d definitely like to see popular MMORPGs like Perfect World, 4Story and Jade Dynasty use a randomized item system – as it keeps players constantly coming back for more. Personally, I remember playing Diablo 2 for ages trying to get the best possible runes and weapons. I guess it’s one of the reasons I stuck with Diablo 2 for so long. I’m sort of a perfectionist in MMOs, as I always try to get the best possible equipment. I guess that’s just my gamer identity.

Maestia has no clearly defined release date though. It’s sort of like Legend of Edda and Iris Online at the moment – no clearly defined release schedule. No date has been announced for the open beta or for any upcoming closed betas. I’m getting a bit antsy, but I guess there’s nothing I can really do. I’m just glad Maestia is free to play and not buy to play or pay to play.

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