Good, but Obscure Free to Play MMOs

There are a bunch of good MMOs out there that no one has ever heard of. Well not “no one”, but very few people. I’ve written about this topic before (Obscure MMOs), but I feel as if I should write about it again, because a lot of free to play MMOs are good, and just need a bit more exposure to succeed. Emil Chronicles Online for example is a relatively unknown MMO from Gravity. It’s unknown because Gravity doesn’t publish it World Wide. They only publish it in Malaysia and Singapore. Why they don’t release the game world wide, as they did with Requiem: Memento Mori, Rose Online and Ragnarok Online is beyond me. Another game that deserves more attention is Empire of Sports. It’s an excellent sports MMO, but is has so few players. Unlike other sports games, Empire of Sports has multiple sports in one game. You can play basketball, tennis, bob-sleighing and numerous other games. All in one great looking free to play MMO.

Other top notch MMORPGs which should be more popular are Metin 2 (in the U.S by Z8 Games) and NEO Online. Metin 2 is actually super popular in Europe, but not so popular in the U.S. For some odd reason. I blame bad marketing. Neo Online is a neat game that could be better, but it still deserves some attention. Like 4Story and Allods Online it is a bit of a WoW clone, but it’s a pretty dang good one. The graphics are vibrant and colorful and the gameplay is fluid. Rakion from Softnyx too deserves more attention. Sure it’s not exactly “new” but it’s a fun action MMORPG that few people know about. Few people know about it because Softnyx self-publishes it and does a poor job marketing it. WolfTeam – the MMOFPS published by Aeria Games is popular because Aeria Games actually does a good job marketing it. Wolf Team is also developed by Softnyx! If they licensed Rakion to a good company like ijji – i’m sure it would be performing much better.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are a bunch of mediocre and poor games that aren’t well known. Games like Esteria Mythos and Martial Heroes come to mind. Same with Great Merchant and Destiny Online. These are all relatively unknown games, but rightfully so. But there are a ton of neato good games that more people need to try. Main stream popular MMORPGs are good, but give other games a chance!

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