New MMORPGs on the Horizon (Sept-Dec)

A lot of new MMORPGs have been announced in August 2010 and many other MMORPGs have moved closer to actual release. Vindictus from MapleStory for example began its first closed beta. Uncharted Waters Online from Netmarble did the same. Gpotato announced Iris Online – a new anime MMORPG. Aeria Games announced that Legendary Champions, a fantasy MMORPG with a DotA style PvP component, will be going open beta sometime in September. King of Kings 3 should begin its open beta in the new few months. As you can see, there’s A LOT going on in the free to play space. One of the biggest things to happen recently though is EverQuest II going free to play. I talked a bit about this before, but the game is free to play for everyone right now. That means you can go download EverQuest II and begin playing the free to play beta. The best of the beta is that there won’t be any character wipes. Woot.

Uncharted Waters Online from Netmarble looks really awesome. It’s one of the only sea based MMORPGs out there aside from maybe Captains of DarkTide and Age of Ocean. Age of Ocean being a browser game. Netmarble is a big Korean MMORPG publisher and developer, but as of now the only game they have on their global portal is Mini Fighter Online, which is a fun fighting MMO that plays like Street Fighter. They have a ton of cool games available in Korea including Wego, Koongya Adventure, Ys Online and many other games. So i’d love to see them step it up and release more of their games on their global portal. Uncharted Waters Online is the first step I guess.

Another new MMORPG that was announced recently is Dynasty Warriors Online from Aeria Games. Like Kingdom Heroes, Heroes of Three Kingdoms and Warriors of the Three Kingdoms – Dynasty Warriors Online is set during the period of the Three Kingdoms in Chinese history. I was actually a big fan of the Dynasty Warriors games on the PS2, so I’m sure I’ll enjoy playing Dynasty Warriors Online. Another new game Aeria Games announced recently is Kitsu Saga, which is supposed to be a martial arts themed game which was developed by the same company behind Grand Fantasia – another popular anime MMORPG.

So as you can see, there are a lot of new MMORPGs launching soon. A few games are dying though. But only a handful. Project Torque shut down but relaunched as Heat Online. Exteel is shutting down on September 10. Three Kingdoms: The Battle Begins from Uforia is shutting down August 30. Manga Fighter died on July 30. It’s no big deal though. For every dead MMORPG there are 5 new ones.

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