MicroVolts Open Beta Coming Soon! Woot

MicroVolts the free to play MMO third person shooter from Rock Hippo productions is entering open beta soon! I had a chance to play it in the MMO’s closed beta and it’s a lot of fun. It’s an MMO shooter with anime inspired graphics that closely resemble the fighting MMOs Lost Saga and Zone 4: Fight District from OGPlanet. The actual gameplay on the other hand is remarkably fluid and reminds me of Parabellum from GamersFirst. If you haven’t heard of Parabellum, it’s the upcoming MMOFPS from GamersFirst that’s been in closed beta for over a year now. I don’t think it’s ever going to reach final release, haha. MicroVolts is really fun because it’s something different. There are countless “tactical” MMOFPS games like Sudden Attack from GameHi and Cross Fire from Z8Games and they’re all the same! You die in 1 shot if you get hit in the head and they all aim to be modern and realistic. Once you’ve played one you’ve played them all.

MicroVolts on the other hand, is a bit more layed back. It has anime inspired graphics and is a tad goofy, but it never takes away from the enjoyment of the game. It’s actually a lot like Team Fortresss 2 from Valve, and if you’ve played both games, you’ll probably see the connection. The game is currently in closed beta, and there are some bugs. I’ve had the game crash on me a few times already. One complaint I have is that the game doesn’t have too many maps. Combat Arms – another FPS from Nexon on the other hand has a boat load of maps! One thing I never really understood is why these FPS games have so few maps! S4 League from Alaplaya has like 6 maps, and that’s it. Alliance of Valiant Arms from ijji only has like 8. You’d imagine that the developers would churn out 15-20 maps or something, as it’s a great way to keep users entertained. I remember S4 League for a long time only had 3 maps. Luckily it has more now.

Another cool thing about MicroVolts is that it’s a third person shooter. Almost every other MMO shooter is first person. There’s nothing wrong with first person shooters, but it’s good to see some variety in the genre. I think S4 League, GunZ and MicroVolts are the only third person MMO shooters out there. Everything else is first person. I’m pretty excited about the entire MMO industry. Lots of awesome new games coming soon. EverQuest II from Sony Online Entertainment is going free to play, The Lord of The Rings Online from Turbine is going free to play… Vindictus is coming out soon! I can’t wait to try all of these games!

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