9 Good Browser MMORPGs

I figure since I’ve been making a few top 5 and top 10 lists, I should do one for browser based MMORPGs and MMO games. That’s free browser based games actually, as I generally prefer free to play games over pay to play ones. I’ll likely exclude the obvious super popular games like RuneScape and Neopets – because everyone already knows about these games. The games below are in no particular order. All of them are solid free to play browser games that are worth checking out.

War of Legends


War of Legends is a 2D browser based strategy MMO by Jagex. The game focuses on large scale medieval warfare as well as diplomacy. Players need to forge alliances and build up their armies in order to do well. Those interested in MMO strategy games should find something to like in War of Legends.



Deepolis is one of the few non-strategy browser based games. The game is by BigPoint and has hands on action oriented gameplay. It is one of the only submarine themed MMOs out there. The only real downside to Deepolis is the game’s cash shop is a bit unfair.



Travian was one of the first free to play MMORTS games ever released. It is by Travian Games LLC and offers a unique gaming experience. I say unique because even though it plays like other MMORTS games, it was one of the first in the genre. So in a way, it is unique. The game offers both regular speed servers and 2x servers for those looking for a faster paced experience.

Dark Orbit


Dark Orbit is a 2D sci-fi themed MMORPG that plays a lot like Deepolis in its core. Though the game is set in outer space rather than the deeper depths of the ocean. The game’s appeal is its open-pvp environments which are bot competitive and fun.



Caesary is a new MMO Strategy game that competes with more established games like Evony and The Seventh Dragon. The game has an a simple yet effective interface as well as solid gameplay mechanics. Aeria Games and Lekook both publish Caesary.

Tribal Wars


Tribal Wars, like Travian, is one of the oldest strategy MMOs on the market. The game plays a lot like other strategy games, except with a much older design and interface. The game should still be commended for pushing the genre forward.



Greepolis is another MMO Strategy game from InnoGames. Unlike Tribal Wars and The West, Grepolis offers much better graphics, gameplay and interface. The game is also set during ancient Greece.

Heroes of Kung Fu


Enough strategy MMOs though. Heroes of Kung Fu is a martial arts themed browser game that plays much like a traditional MMORPG – except text based. It’s by WebMMO – the same company behind numerous other browser MMOs.

Adventure Quest Worlds


Adventure Quest Worlds is a premier 2D browser based fantasy MMORPG with a persistent world. It plays a lot like MechQuest and AdventureQuest, except with many more multiplayer aspects. It’s easily one of the best browser based MMORPGs available!

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