Top 5 Most Original MMO / MMORPG Games

There are SO many copy cat MMORPG and MMO games out there, so I want to take a moment to highlight the top 5 original free to play MMO games. All of the games I mention will be both A) Original / Creative B) Good. I won’t mention the original, but terrible games.

#1 Atlantica Online


Atlantica Online from nDoors, the same company behind WonderKing and Luminary: Rise of the Goonzu, is the first mega popular turn based MMORPG. Atlantica Online was such a popular free MMORPG that Nexon actually ended up buying Ndoors earlier this year (2010). If you enjoy playing console RPG style games, give Atlantica Online a try. I added it to this list because I’m tired of playing generic point and click MMORPGs. Atlantica Online offers a fun alternative to the standard MMORPG combat system.

#2 League of Legends


League of Legends from Riot Games is a dota-eque Aeon of Strife game from Riot Games. It’s main competitors include DotA (on Warcraft III), Heroes of Newerth, and Avalon Heroes (Alaplaya). It was the first free to play DotA style MMO and has beautiful in game art, graphics and fun gameplay. Since I learned about League of Legends, I haven’t played DotA or Heroes of Newerth in ages.

#3 Savage 2


Savage is an original 3D MMO that mixes RTS, FPS and RPG elements to form an amazingly original and fun game. It was developed and published by an indy gaming company called S2 Games. Yeah, they’re the same company behind Heroes of Newerth. The game plays a bit like Soul Master from GamesCampus actually. I absolutely love Savage 2 though. You have to give it a chance and you’ll see why I included it on this list.

#4 FreeStyle Street Basketball


FreeStyle is a 3D basketball themed MMO published by GameKiss, the wonderful company behind GhostX and Valkyrie Sky. It’s one of the few sports MMO that I actually enjoy. I added it to this list because it’s the ONLY basketball themed MMO out there. Oh. And it’s incredibly fun.

#5 Fantasy Earth Zero


Fantasy Earth Zero, also called FEZ, is a unique free MMORPG from GamePot USA which was originally published by Square Enix back in Japan. The game features unique MMO/RTS elements mixed with standard RPG ones and epic 100 vs 100 PvP battles. The game’s main attraction is its fun hands on action oriented gameplay.

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