I‘ve been playing MMORPG games for a long while. I figured I’d throw up a random list of my favorite free to play 2D MMORPGs. Why you ask? Because It’s 12:30 AM, I’m awake, and somewhat bored. So. Without further adu. My top 10 favorite free to play 2D MMORPGs.

#10 Heroes of Might and Magic Online


Heroes of Might and Magic online from TQ Digital is the first game on this list. It was developed by a Chinese company but still has some of the fun strategy aspects that we’ve all grown to love in the Heroes of Might and Magic games.

#9 Digimon Battle


Digimon Battle is a 2D pet catching and training MMORPG from WeMade Entertainment. The game is about 7 years old, but only recently launched in North America and Europe. It’s been available in Korea for many years now. Even though it’s an oldie, it’s still a goodie!

#8 NosTale


NosTale is a 2.5D fantasy MMORPG from Uforia which has a player housing system, a great pet system and simple yet fun gameplay.

#7 Trickster Online


One of the game’s strongest points is its gorgeous anime inspired graphics. The vibrant graphics and fun gameplay make Trickster Online well worth playing. It also has a lot of classes and customization options.

#6 LaTale


A 2D side scrolling fantasy MMORPG published by OGPlanet. LaTale was one of the first side scrolling MMORPGs with PvP. Even though its a cute MMORPG, the game has some insanely fun PvP.

#5 Grand Chase


Grand Chase is probably one of the most origial games on this list. It’s a cooperative MMORPG which is a bit linear, but still fun. It has cutesy anime inspired graphics and is published by Ntreev. One of its strongest aspects is its huge variety of playable characters.

#4 Dungeon Fighter Online


Dungeon Fighter Online is a 2D action MMORPG from Nexon which plays a lot like classical arcade brawlers like Streets of Rage and Gauntlet Legends. It also reminds me of Golden Axe – which I used to play a lot in the arcades. It’s a side scrolling MMORPG with genuinely fun gameplay and a good variety of classes / job advancements.

#3 Lunia


Some of you may disagree with this pick, but I feel that Lunia is easily one of the best 2D MMORPGs out. Why you ask? Because the gameplay is fun, the story is comedic and the graphics are easy on the eyes. Lunia from ijji is a fun brawler MMORPG who’s only downside is its linearity. The cooperative levels are also a lot of fun if you’re playing with friends.

#2 WonderKing


Bam! #2 is WonderKing from Ndoors – the same company that brought you the turn based MMORPG Atlantica Online. WonderKing is a side scrolling MMORPG with very cutesy graphics. The game is fairly new and has simple yet fun gameplay.

#1 MapleStory


Is this a surprise? It shouldn’t be. MapleStory is easily one of the most successful free to play MMORPGs out there. The game is published by Nexon (The same company that bought GameHi recently who developed Sudden Attack) and has over 100 million accounts world-wide. That’s accounts. Not active accounts, but that’s still one heck of a large number. MapleStory is an awesome 2D side scrolling MMORPG with anime inspired graphics. The graphics are a bit cartoony but it’s still a great game. With over 15+ playable classes and plenty of job advancements it’s hard to put this one down.

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