So Many Free World War 2 MMOs!

For a long time there haven’t been any World War 2 themed free to play MMOs and MMORPGs. In fact, there aren’t any at the moment, but there are a whole bunch of them currently in closed beta and on their way to full release. The first one I heard of was Karma: Operation Barbarossa from ijji which is a World War 2 themed MMOFPS. WW2 themed FPS games super common on consoles and traditional PC games, but in the free to play space Karma was the first WW2 themed MMOFPS. The game actually looks pretty neat, but I can’t judge it until I install it and play it for a few days. Another World War 2 themed free to play MMO is World of Tanks from the unknown Russian MMO developer WarGaming. As the name suggests, World of Tanks is a tank based MMO. It’s set during World War 2 and features over a hundred historically accurate tanks. The game has gorgeous 3D graphics and realistic large scale tank based gameplay. Battles support up to 60 players at once. Sure, it’s no Aika Online with 1000 vs 1000 battles, but it’s quite massive for an MMO.

Another upcoming World War 2 themed game is Heroes in the Sky from GamesCampus. Unlike World of Tanks which focuses on Tanks, Heroes in the Sky focuses on epic dog fights and large scale battles in the sky. The game has countless cooperative missions as well as straight up faction based PvP. Like World of Tanks, Heroes in the Sky is historically accurate with its large variety of airplanes. GamesCampus has another World War 2 themed MMO as well – Tank Ace. Tank Ace is a lot like World of Tanks, as its another tank based MMO set during WW2. Both games are still in closed beta, so there’s not that much information available about each.

Company of Heroes Online is yet another upcoming World War 2 based free to play MMO. It’s awesome that a big western game developer like Relic is embracing free to play, much like Sony Online Entertainment and Electronic Arts have already begun to, but I’m getting a bit sick of all of these WW2 themed games! I’m getting sick of them even before any has officially released! Well, that’s not entirely true, as NavyField and Blitz 1941 are currently available, but they’re both relatively small games that each have a very small playerbase. I’m surprised though by the sudden interest MMO Developers in World War 2 themed games? For a long time, most free to play games were fantasy MMORPGs and MMOs were either sports MMOs or tactical MMO shooters.

I have no problem with WW2 themes games, so long as they’re good. I suspect Company of Heroes Online will be fun, but I don’t know about the others.

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