More MMORPG WoW Clones

So many free to play MMORPGs are copying World of Warcraft these days. A lot of Korean MMORPGs do it in a subtle way while others are more obvious. The obvious ones being Allods Online from gPotato and Runes of Magic from Frogster. Both are great WoW Clones by the way. I’d rather play either of these two games than paying for WoW, but that’s a discussion for another game. 4Story (called Gates of Andaron also) is another obvious WoW clone as well. I’m not going to talk about the obvious WoW clones here, but instead going to point out the games that copy little things from WoW.

Talisman Online from Miracle Castle copies tons of little things from WoW. Things like spell icons and interface. Low level mages have a spell that has the exact same icon as “frost bolt” from Warcrcraft! The interface as well is without a doubt WoW inspired, as everything from its look to its feel will feel familiar to any WoW player. Another game that was inspired by WoW is Cloud Nine from Netgame. This one may raise a few eyebrows, as it’s an anime MMORPG and me calling it a WoW clone may sound a bit unfair, and it is. Because Cloud Nine is not a WoW clone, but rather a game that borrows a few nifty features from Blizzard’s game. These include item linking, talent trees and quest buttons.

Other WoW clones include Earth Eternal and NEO Online from PlayOMG. Earth Eternal is neat because it plays entirely on the browser. So it’s a fully 3D WoW Clone that launches right on FireFox / Internet Explorer. How awesome is that? You’d imagine a 3D game on the browser would look ugly, but Earth Eternal is gorgeous! Not nearly as pretty as Fusion Fall from Cartoon Network, but much better than Quake Live (two other 3D games on the browser). Surprisingly, both of these WoW clones are quite good. I guess copying a great game leads to the development of a good game. It seems like there are more and more games coming out which borrow features from WoW.

I actually don’t mind when games copy each other, but I’m getting a bit tired of all these WoW clones. I want some more innovation in my games, and as long as people keep copying WoW, I’m not going to see any. For that reason, I want to point out that there are a few new interesting games on the horizon. Soul Master from GamesCampus for one, is a unique MMO that blends RTS and action RPG elements. There’s nothing else like it at the moment. Vindictus, as many of you already know, offers realistic 3D graphics with hard core bloody action. MicroVolts is a third person MMO Shooter. With most MMO shooters being first person, I feel I should mention MicroVolts for its camera angle. Legendary Champions from Aeria Games looks awesome and aims to compete with League of Legends.

Anyway, that’s my rant about WoW clones. I sort of wish game developers released more turn based MMORPGs, as there really aren’t enough good ones out there (Atlantica Online from Ndoors is the only good one imho). I’m getting a bit tired of them, but I suspect there will be many more of them released in the coming years

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