Every MMORPG Needs a Good Crafting System

There’s no reason for a modern day MMORPG not to have a good in depth crafting / resource gathering system. Newer games like Martial Empires, Allods Online and Aika Online all have in depth crafting systems, but so many older games don’t. Many of these being very popular / successful older games as well. Example – MapleStory has no real crafting system. It has a cheap item combining system, but that doesn’t really count. WonderKing, another side scrolling MMORPG, has a pretty basic system. I feel that every MMORPG needs at least a basic in game crafting system. Why you ask? Good question.

The reason MMORPGs need good crafting systems is that it gives players something else to do “mid game”, when they get bored of grinding. Sure, you could argue that crafting in MMORPGs is just another grind, but if we gamers didn’t like grinding, we wouldn’t be playing MMORPGs in the first place. So secretely, we all like grinding. It’s just that one kind of grinding (Killing monsters over and over again), can get a bit repetitive. So games should offer a crafting system to distract us players from the regular grind. It should actually be much more than a distraction, as I personally find crafting in MMOs to be a lot of fun, especially when its a rewarding experience. I actually played Mabinogi for as long as I did because of all the cool “non combat” stuff it offered.

Luminary: Rise of the Goonzu from ijji / Ndoors for example is a 2D MMORPG with a great in game crafting system. The graphics in Luminary are actually quite bad. An eye sore actually, but the games incredibly “deep” crafting system makes it a lot of fun. Heck, I can safely say the only reason I enjoyed playing Luminary was because of its in game crafting system. It was in depth because every item had to be crafted by other players. There were no NPCs that you could buy items for. Players crafted everything in the game. Monsters dropped actual loot too. Not just vendor trash. The game’s political system was neat too. Players could elect other players into positions of power within the game’s government (awesome, right?). The only other game to do this I believe is Ace Online from Suba Games and Dark Ages. So it’s a neat feature.

Anyone else with me on this? Or am I the only one who appreciates a good in game crafting system. I certainly hope I’m not the only one!

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