ChangYou needs to Release more MMORPGs in the U.S.

ChangYou is a huge Chinese MMORPG publisher with dozens of high quality games. Unfortunately, even though they have doezens of high quality game in China, they only have a handful of games available in the U.S. And by a “handful” I mean two. The only games ChangYou offers on their portal is Dragon Oath, which is a 3D MMORPG with a great pet system, and Blade Wars. Dragon Oath is actually a really fun game in my opinion. Sure it doesn’t have the epic 3D graphics that games like Allods Online and Vanguard have, but games like Metin 2 and Last Chaos have proven that games don’t need good graphics to be great. I enjoyed Fantasy Earth Zero from GamePot USA quite a bit as well, even though the game’s graphics are quite old.

ChangYou opened their U.S. Portal in 2009 with the launch of Dragon Oath. The game launched with a decent amount of buzz, as ChangYou marketed the game heavily. I started playing it during its open beta and sort of fell in love with it right away – mostly because it had an awesome pet system. I mean, if you think games like Digimon Battle from WeMade Entertainment and Eudemons Online from TQ Digital have good MMO pet systems, give Dragon Oath a try. The game has some 400+ types of pets in the game, each with their own unique advantages and disadvantages. I think the only other game with a similar pet system is Battle of the Immortals, as players can capture any monster in it and turn it into their own pet, even the epic boss monsters.

After playing Dragon Oath for a while and getting tired of it, naturally I jumped to Blade Wars, the new F2P MMORPG from ChangYou. This time around I was very disappointed. The game’s highlight is some awkward combo system which is basically a glorified macro system. Heck, Ether Saga Online had this system years ago! Graphically speaking, Blade Wars looks a lot like Magic World Online and Chaos Online from EnjoyMMO. If you haven’t heard of these games, the graphics aren’t very good at all. Which of course, isn’t a requirement for a game to be good, but decent graphics do help.

I’m kind of hoping Zentia, the game ChangYou announced over at E3 is a lot better than Blade Wars, as otherwise, I’ll have to go find another MMO to keep me busy until Company of Heroes Online gets released.

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