Best Browser based Strategy MMOs

I’ve talked about browser based strategy MMOs before, but since there are so many of these games, I figured I’d write another post about them. With hundreds of these games currently available, players should stick with the good ones.

The most popular browser games is most likely Evony. The game launched in 2009 with a ridiculous ad campaign using scantily clad women to promote their game. After a month or so after launch, Evony became the #1 strategy game on the net, as it had attracted MILLIONs of users in such a short time frame. Since its release Evony has enjoyed numerous big patches that introduced new features and balance to the game. The latest page, dubbed Evony: Age 2 added a new interface and new content to the game. Evony certainly wasn’t the first free strategy game on the net, but it’s easily one of the most popular now. Even though they had great marketing, the gameplay itself is actually really good. Graphically speaking, Evony is probably the best looking and functioning game of its type.

Since Evony wasn’t the first strategy MMO, which was? I’m not exactly too sure, but if I had to say I would say either Travian or Tribal Wars. Both of these games are extremely similar, but they’re both many years older than Evony. I don’t think they’re the “First” games like this, as Astro Empires also looks really old, but I can safely say both Tribal Wars and Travian are the first “popular” strategy MMOs. I’m sure there were a bunch of older indy games, but these two were for some reason really popular. They still are actually.

After Evony because SUPER SUPER popular though. Lots of other MMO developers wanted to get a piece of the pie. Jagex, the guys behind RuneScape, released War of Legends to compete with Evony and even Electronic Arts made their own Evony competitor – Lord of Ultima. Aside from these two games though, there are a boat load of other high quality free strategy games like Caesary, King and Conqueror, Empire Craft and more.

One of the more successful strategy games since Evony came out is Grepolis from Innogames. As of this writing, the game is actually a bit more popular than Evony. In comparison though, Grepolis looks a lot worse. Graphically at least. It makes up for this in gameplay though, as Grepolis has a lot of variety. What I really like about it though is its cash shop. The cash shop in it isn’t nearly as imbalanced as the one in Evony or Lord of Ultima. Players can’t pay to build units instantly. This makes PvP much more “fair” and gives non-paying players a fair fight. Well maybe not, but a fairer fight! In my opinion, skip games like The Seventh Dragon and oGame and stick with the more popular games like Grepolis or Evony.

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