Martial Empires is Fun

Just a few days ago Gamigo launched Martial Empires into open beta without any real advertisements or promotions. The game just sort launched without much of a buzz, but wow were the game servers packed! I logged in a few hours after the official servers went live and all of the newbie areas were packed. I didn’t really know what to expect as the game seemed like another generic fantasy MMORPG at first. The graphics themselves seemed very similar to another new MMORPG too – Tales of Fantasy from IGG. I do have to say though the graphics in Martial Empires are a bit sharper. Gameplay wise, Martial Empires doesn’t deviate too far from the norm, but the combat is pretty faced paced. What makes the game fun though is that like Rohan Online from YNK Interactive it has plenty of quests. I never really found myself grinding outright, as it was always more efficient to do quests than grind.

One small complaint I have with the game is that it only had three playable classes. Each class had like three different skill trees, but having only three classes is sort of lame. Especially when other top notch MMORPGs like Runes of Magic, Sword of the New World and Ragnarok Online have many classes. Even other new MMOs have more than 3 classes! The experience rate was a bit slow paced too, but not nearly as slow as Allods Online from gPotato. Another complaint I have is that the classes are gender locked. Martial Empires isn’t the only game with gender locked classes (Vindictus, Karos Online, etc), but I think it shows laziness on the part of the game’s developers. I mean seriously. If they spent millions of dollars animating and programming the game, you would think that they would throw in an extra few hours to design female character models.

For the most part though, I can safely say I did enjoy playing Martial Empires. The game is vastly superior to Martial Heroes, which was developed by the same Korean company – CR Space. I’m actually still playing the game, but I don’t have too much time to sink into MMORPGs lately as I have a lot of stuff to finish up for my summer courses in college. I do still log in whenever I have a few hours to spare though! Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised with Martial Heroes. Especially with its playerbase, as the game launched with little promotion. Honestly games like Martial Heroes are great free WoW alternatives. I’m surprised people still pay to play it. Anyone else here playing Martial Heroes? If not, the game is worth checking out. Don’t expect anything too radically different though.

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