MMORPGs You’ve Never Played and Never Should

There are good MMORPGs and bad MMORPGs. Unfortunately there are more bad ones than good. In this post I’ll highlight several games that you as a gamer should avoid at all costs. These are the bottom of the barrel. The worst of the worst.

Age of Armor
Age of Armor is a 3D sci-fi MMORPG from Snail Games. Honestly it could have been a good game, had it been more polished. Some of the core Eve Online like gameplay mechanics are actually good. Unfortunately the game itself is PLAGUED with bugs, glitches and some of the WORST English translations I’ve ever seen in an MMORPG. I’m surprised this game is still around, as it has a small playerbase.

Xiah Rebirth
Xiah Rebirth is a 3D fantasy MMORPG from Xiah Studios. The game used to be published by GamesCampus, but they wised up and decided to shut the game down. I’m just surprised the developer decided to re-launch the game, as it was never too popular. The graphics were an eyesore, it only had a few playable classes and the game world was tiny (like 10 maps). Plus the game doesn’t even have an MMORPG pets system. There’s honestly no reason to play this game.

Crazy Tao
Crazy Tao is a terribly ugly 2D MMORPG from TQ Digital that is a re-skinned version of their more popular title Eudemons Online. I say “re-skinned version” because Crazy Tao is the same exact game as Eudemons, except with different skins and character models. I guess Crazy Tao is aimed at a younger audience as the graphics are bright and cute. Unfortunately there’s no reason to play it over the more complete and popular Eudemons Online. Skip this one. One of my pet peeves is when MMORPGs play exactly like each other. Crazy Tao isn’t the only offender.

Cronous is a good example of how to not make a Diablo style action MMORPG. The graphics are terrible, the translations are poor, combat is dull and there’s not much to do. The game is by Neofun and has an extremely low playerbase. Games like Mython from UTV True Games and Battle of the Immortals from Perfect World Entertainment are great examples of how to make a good Diablo inspired action MMORPG. Skip Cronous and play either Mytheon or Battle of the Immortals Instead. If you already made an account on Neofun, you can give Sho Online a try. It’s not as bad as Cronous.

Martial Heroes
Yes another generic fantasy MMORPG. To make things more generic the game is martial arts themed! The combat is fast paced, which is probably the only redeeming aspect of the game. It’s by the Korean developer CR-Space. This one isn’t even worth explaining. It’s a bad game. Let’s leave it at that. The company behind it is developing another game though – Martial Empires which Gamigo plans on publishing. Martial Empires looks fun, so wait for that game.

Well if you know any other MMORPGs that people should avoid, post them in the comments below.

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