I’m Tired of these browser based Strategy MMOs

Holy crap. There are a lot of browser based strategy MMORPGs out there. So many actually that I’m going to dedicate a blog post to talk about it! I’m not sure browser strategy MMO was first, but I know that after Evony became a huge success, hundreds of new games jumped on the strategy bandwagon. I really wouldn’t care, but the thing is that every single one of these games are nearly identical. Games like Grepolis, King and Conqueror and Kingory are total knock offs of Evony. It’s worth saying that Evony isn’t original either. It copied both Tribal Wars and Travian, which came out years before Evony did. The thing is though, Evony has much nicer graphics and interface compared to Tribal Wars and Travian. Plus, the actual script Evony uses is a bit different. It seems like EVERY single strategy MMORPG nowadays uses the same exact script though. Seriously. Play Evony then play Caesary from Aeria Games. The two games are nearly identical.

What’s funny is that even main stream MMO publishers like Aeria Games and Jagex (The company behind RuneScape) jumped on the strategy MMO bandwagon! Aeria Games released Caesary and Jagex released War of Legends. Even Electronic Arts released their own strategy game, Lord of Ultima. It’s so crazy how so many game companies made strategy games after Evony became popular. The stupid thing about all of these games is that they’re ALL identical. Seriously. If you’ve played ONE you’ve played them all. There is absolutely no difference. ALL of them have imbalanced cash shops, same cooperative gameplay and slow paced progression. My first one was Evony, and I actually liked it. So I decided to give similar games a try and I was shocked at how similar these games were. You would imagine a big company like Jagex could afford to develop their own unique strategy MMO, but they used the same exact script and gameplay elements that Evony and every one of these games did!

I actually like browser MMORPGs, but I’m sick and tired of these strategy MMOs. Developers need to focus on making actual browser based MMORPGs instead of strategy titles. I’d like to see more games like Earth Eternal and FusionFall. Now those games were great. They ran on the web browser but had top notch graphics. Even Quake Live is a lot of fun! There are so many ideas out there, it’s a dang shame everyone of spending their time and efforts copying Evony rather than releasing original titles.

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