New Concept MMO Shooters

As much as I like the MMOFPS genre, I think it’s starting to get a bit stale. Games like Alliance of Valiant Arms from ijji and K.O.S. Secret Operations from YNK Interactive are GREAT new games with top notch visuals but they do little to push the genre forward. I mean, they’re just really polished old ideas. Both of these games look great and feel fine, but they aren’t at all original. I guess it’s sort of hard to make a genuinely unique MMOFPS though, but it should be possible. Maybe an actual persistent world MMOFPS? I know there’s Planet Side from Sony Online Entertainment, but it’s not free to play. I want to play an F2P persistent world shooter. That would be interesting.

Nowadays the free to play MMOFPS genre is washed amuck with generic “Tactical” shooters where players die in 1 or 2 hits. I believe Sudden Attack from GameHi pioneered this genre back in 2004, but it hasn’t really evolved, aside from improved graphics. The only somewhat new concept MMO shooter in my opinion is S4 League from Alaplaya or GunZ from ijji. S4 League is a fast past scifi themed shooter with numerous different guns and different game modes. Just playing S4 League felt refreshingly different, as over the last few months I’ve been playing nothing but Alliance of Valiant Arms and Wolfteam – both fairly generic tactical shooters. To be fair, Wolfteam is a tad unique, as the whole transforming into a werewolf thing is a bit original, but the game is otherwise another generic tactical shooter. I recommend if you’re burnt out of MMOFPS games, to try S4 League. GunZ is also fun, but it’s an old game and its age is starting to show. I recommend S4 League over it.

Ijji has two new upcoming MMOs which it promises to be unique – Huxley: The Dystopia and Karma: Operation Barbarossa. Unfortunately after doing some research I can safely say both games are similar to what we’ve already seen. Huxley is a sci-fi MMOFPS, but the game has been stuck in development for years now. I would honestly be very surprised if the game ever actually released. It’s already been delayed a dozen times. Heck, it was originally planned to release for consoles, but is now a free to play PC game! Karma: Operation Barbarossa is a World War 2 themed shooter, which for console games is fairly “generic”, but I don’t think there are any free to play WW2 themes shooters out there. Aside from its theme though, Karma looks identical to the other MMOs out there. I want to see some more innovation in this genre. Free to play fantasy MMORPGs have really improved over the years. Just look at old games like Hero Online from Netgame and compare it to newer titles like Dungeons and Dragons Online from Turbine. It’s a night and day difference. The MMOFPS genre on the other hand has stagnated.

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