Level 50 in Kingdom Heroes. Woot

So I got level 50 on Kingdom Heroes with my Warrior the other day. Kingdom Heroes is a new free to play MMORPG that just went into open beta from Aeria Games. Like many other MMORPGs including Three Kingdoms: The Battle Begins and Warriors of the Three Kingdoms, Kingdom Heroes is set during the period of the three kingdoms. For some reason a lot of Chinese MMORPGs are set during this period in history. I actually did some research on it (reading Wikipedia), and I learned that the Three Kingdoms era in Chinese history is incredibly popular. It’s sort of how the West looks at the middle ages. We romanticize it with Damsels in Distress and Knights in Shining Armor. This is how the Chinese treat the Period of the Three Kingdoms – so it’s not surprising they base a lot of MMORPGs on it.

Anyway, enough history lol. Kingdom Heroes is a pretty cool game. Probably one of the best fantasy MMORPGs I’ve played. I say this because you can reach high level in the game without actually doing anything. It’s not as easy as games like Magic World Online from EnjoyMMO and Godswar Online from IGG, but it’s close. Instead of a built in “bot”, you can just leave yourself afk near enemies with your body guards (warriors get 2 bodyguards) set on “aggressive mode”. This basically makes your pets attack all nearby enemies. Just go AFK in a place that’s easy, and you can level up over night. For Kingdom Heroes, it makes sense that you can sorta level up very easily, because like Arch Lord and Shaiya the main component of Kingdom Heroes is PvP – not PvE. The game has large scale battles which are incredibly fun, but unfortunately only available to the higher level players. I wonder why Aeria doesn’t let you just start at max level, sort of like Guild Wars does through it’s PvP character system.

I sort of wish Kingdom Heroes had a better item system, because as is there’s really not much better my character can get, item wise. I sort of wish more games use a randomized item system like Diablo 2 did. Diablo 2 definitely had the best item system of any MMORPG. I feel the item system in Kingdom Heroes is bland, but then again it’s bland in most MMORPGs. I guess I’m starting to complain about the item system because experience really slowed down for me. I used to level up like 10 times a night but now I only level up twice or so. I couldn’t imagine actually grinding in this game manually, as it would take forever. Luckily though, the experience rate isn’t as slow as the exp rate in Perfect World. Now, THAT game had slow leveling! Anyone else playing Kingdom Heroes? If so leave your name in the comments, we can play together.

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