MMORPG Gameplay Mechanics Should be Simple

MMORPGs these days seem to be trying harder and harder to be more complicated. Nowdays, games like Eve Online and League of Legends practically require a PH.d to understand. Well, not really, but you get the point. These games have incredibly steep learning curves, which scare away a lot of non “hardcore” players. I’m a big fan of League of Legends, as I like the whole Aeon of Strife genre, but the game’s steep learning curve is a big problem. A lot of people will shy away from the game because of it. This is especially true for Eve Online. I tried playing Eve Online twice, but I could never get passed the tutorial. The game was too complicated. It’s not that I couldn’t figure it out, it’s just that I asked myself, “why should I bother figuring all this out?”. It’s not like there are any shortages of MMORPGs out there. There are hundreds of free MMORPGs out there waiting to be played.

Anyone know why games like MapleStory from Nexon and Wonderking from Ndoors are so successful? Heck throw in Cloud Nine from Netgame and Fiesta Online from Outspark into the mix of successful games as well. The fact is, these games are so successful because they’re so simple. Simple games appeal to a larger audience. Even World of Warcraft from Blizzard Entertainment is a pretty straight forward game. You can easily tell if a game is “straight forward” by looking at the average level of players. In WoW, MOST players get to max level, because the game isn’t complicated. People like playing simple games. Most people don’t like having to learn every small detail of a game before they can even begin enjoying it. I don’t like a lot of Sports MMOs because they’re usually pretty complicated. Fifa Online from Electronic Arts for example requires a good deal of commitment to master while FreeStyle Street Basketball from GameKiss can be learned in a few minutes.

Even though I generally don’t like Sports games, I really like FreeStyle. The game is incredibly easy to master and just a lot of fun to play. Heck, the controls are incredibly simple as well. There aren’t a million ways to shoot a basket. Just hit one button and that’s it. I guess MMOFPS games are really popular these days because they’re so simple as well. K.O.S. Secret Operations from YNK Interactive is a fun straight forward game. Heck, almost all MMOFPS games are easy to learn. You just point your weapon and shoot! I guess that’s why every MMO publisher these days has their own FPS game.

Anyway guys. My point is that MMORPGs and MMOs should focus on being simple. Most people don’t like unnecessarily complicated games. As they say. Keep it Simple Stupid.

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