MMORPGs Hosted Outside of North America

There are a lot of MMORPGs out there. You would actually be surprised to learn that many popular MMORPGs played in the United States are hosted outside of the country. I’m not talking about developed outside of the country, as most of us know that many of these MMORPGs are developed in Korea. I’m talking about games like S4 League, Florensia and Land of Chaos from S4 League. S4 League is located in Europe, but they allow North American users to access their games. Another example of this is Battle of Destiny from Cubizone. Cubizone actually publishes a lot of interesting MMORPGs including Loong: The Power of the Dragon and King of Kings 3. Battle of Destiny is fully playable from the U.S., but the servers are located in Malaysia, so there are some latency issues.

It’s awesome that many of these non-U.S. Game publishers allow U.S. Players to access their games. Many publishers have IP blocks in their games to prevent people from outside of the game’s licensed area from accessing the game. Aika Online from gPotato for example IP Bans ALL non North American players. That means gamers in Europe won’t be able to play Aika Online. GamerKraft in Europe IP Bans all North American gamers from accessing Priston Tale 2.

I find these IP blocks to be largely counter productive. Why should publishers RESTRICT gamers from playing their game? I know there are hundreds of Korean MMORPGs serviced in Korea that North American gamers cannot access due to IP restrictions. Even popular games like Runes of Magic and MapleStory have IP bans in place. For example, “MapleGlobal” only allows North American users while Maple Europe only allows European users. These are two different services for the same exact game. The same thing is in place for Runes of Magic. The service is divided by region.

I feel that there’s no need to divide Europe and the U.S. Both areas speak English, so there’s no reason to divide the playerbase. If anything, it only hurts the game as the community gets split in two. Why do developers do this? Oh well. I’ll never figure this out.

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