Best Fighting MMOs

As is there are currently a 3-4 fighting MMOs out there. Maybe a bit more. But out of all of them, my favorite has to be Lost Saga from OGPlanet. If you haven’t heard of it or played it yet, you’re missing out. Graphically speaking the game has the whole western style cartoony MMO graphics almost like Battlefield Heroes from Electronic Arts and Team Fortress 2 from Valve. I like the game’s art style, but graphics alone don’t mean anything. Lost Sags is awesome because of its incredibly fun gameplay. Players can chose from one of 20+ playable characters and switch between them at anytime. Each character levels up individually and the fact that you can switch between them every time you die in a match, means you can try out everything. This all leads to an incredible amount of variety. Each character plays significantly different as well from the team oriented medic to the long range damage dealer – the soldier. My favorite character was the Knight as I always ended up doing really well playing him.

Each individual character levels up as well based on how well you play that character. During a game, players can also ‘loot’ other players equipment and gain that particular character’s abilities. For example, a Knight can pick up a soldier’s gun and start using it in battle in lieu of his sword. So now you have the high armor of a Knight and the Damage of a soldier. You can mix and match between all the characters for practically infinite variety. Fighting games like Splash Fighters, Rumble Fighters and GetAmped 2 aren’t bad games, but they just don’t offer the same amount of variety. The graphics in Lost Saga are really nice as well. The full 1920×1080 resolution is win. On a side note, I hate playing MMOs with low maximum resolutions. I used to play Conquer Online from TQ Digital, and I hated that the game didn’t support my monitor’s native resolution.

I also really liked the whole carefree cartoony theme to Lost Saga. The gameplay involved a lot of skill but the game’s atmosphere was very laid back. It reminded me of Bright Shadow from Gamepot USA as well as other brightly themed anime MMORPGs. As is Lost Saga is my favorite game that OGPlanet publishes, but I’m looking forward to trying Hockey Dash from them, but I don’t know how good it’ll be. I love hockey, but I have a feeling OGPlanet is going to screw the game up somehow – as another Hockey MMO from Gamigo – Slapshot was shut down after less than a year in service.

Anyone here play Lost Saga? Maybe we can play together! Leave your in game name in the comments.

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