MMORPG Hunting – Finding a New MMORPG

I spent the majority of Monday, May 24 searching for a new MMORPG to play. I tried out a bunch of games including browser based MMOs like Fallen Sword, War of Legends and Holy War as well as a bunch of client based games. Out of all the games I played though, I found League of Legends to be one of the most interesting. It plays a lot like Heroes of Newerth and DotA, but the thing is, it’s completely free to play. Plus – the game has an awesome rune system and talent trees which give players an incentive to keep playing it. On top of all that, the game has some awesome western style anime graphics which look awesome.

Aside from League of Legends though, I played two sports MMOs which were surprisingly good. MLB Dugout Heroes was one and it’s published by GamesCampus. I was surprised to learn that the game uses actual players from the MLB and officially licensed everything from the MLB, so any sports fan should love the game. The actual core gameplay is simple, yet fun while training players and creating the perfect team requires a lot of work. My one gripe with the game is that it doesn’t have a very large playerbase – though players should be able to find games to join pretty easily, as it’s not a dead game. The next sports MMO I played was Shot Online, which is also from GamesCampus. It’s prety much the same exact game as Pangya from Ntreev, except with a more ‘western’ feel to it. The 3D graphics are a bit more realistic than Pangya’s cute character models.

Out of all the browser games I played, I found War of Legends to be the most interesting. The game is published by Jagex – the same guys behind RuneScape, so it’s not surprising that the game is pretty high quality. Its very similar to other browser based strategy games, think Lords Online and FreeSky Online from IGG, but with a cool hero system. If you’ve played other strategy games, there’s really no point in playing War of Legends, as its still very similar to the other games in the genre. If you haven’t played a browser based strategy game yet, War of Legends is well worth playing.

Well. Yeah. That was my Monday. Pretty productive, right? At least I found two games that I’ll likely keep playing for the weeks to come – League of Legends and War of Legends. The other games mentioned were alright, but they won’t keep my attention for too long.

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