So Many Kung Fu MMORPGs!

One thing I noticed in the free to play MMORPG world is that there are a lot of Kung Fu themed MMORPGs. From comedic games like Kung Foo! From Perfect World Entertainment to more serious games like World of Kung Fu. The fact is, there are lots of Kung Fu themed MMORPGs out there. Why? Beats me. Last I checked ‘kung fu’ wasn’t exactly popular here in the United States. Maybe people in China and Korea really like Kung Fu themed games, but they’re not too big here in the West. Since most free MMORPGs are developed in China and Korea where Kung Fu games are more popular, it’s only logical that these games get localized in the West with the same Kung Fu theme, even if it isn’t too popular.

On a slightly more positive note, I played a bit of Blade Wars today – a new Kung Fu themed MMORPG from ChangYou – the company behind Dragon Oath. I hate to say it but the game sucks. Graphically speaking, the game LOOKS like Conquer Online and Zero Online from TQ Digital, but gameplay wise the game just feels slow paced and boring. I mean, Dragon Oath had an awesome pet system, but Blade Wars just seems a bit too dull. It doesn’t help that the two games have practically the same interface either, as I’d much rather play Dragon Oath over Blade Wars because Dragon Oath is an all around more fun MMORPG. At least in my opinion.

Seriously. No more being negative, I promise. After all, not all kung fu themed games are bad. I played Heroes of Kung Fu yesterday and the game was surprisingly decent. I say decent instead of ‘good’ because Heroes of Kung Fu is a browser MMORPG. After playing browser MMOs like RuneScape and Fusion Fall, it’s hard to be impressed by text based games. Still, Heroes of Kung Fu is a fun time sink to fool around with while on facebook or something. I can’t imagine giving the game my full attention, as it doesn’t require it. It’s still a fun game though that I expect to play on and off for a while. Aside from Heroes of Kung Fu, the only other game in the genre I like is 9Dragons from Acclaim. Too bad the publisher sucks, otherwise I’d play the game more. But that’s a story for another day.

It’s seriously crazy how many Kung Fu themed MMORPGs are out there. If you can think of any that I haven’t mentioned, leave their names in the comments.

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