Gamigo needs to release some more MMOs.

Gamigo is an MMORPG publisher located in Germany, but their games are available world wide without any IP bans. I’d like to see them release more free to play MMORPGs. As is, they only have a handful of games – especially since they recently shut down slap shot. What’s interesting is that they have a boat load of upcoming MMORPGs that look quite promising. Loong: The Power of the Dragon for one looks like an exceptional game. The graphics are top notch and the game promises epic PvP battles with up to 500 players in a single battlefield at once. Sounds a lot like Kingdom Heroes and Aika Online, doesn’t it? For some reason, it seems like every MMORPG publisher is obsessing over PvP heavy MMORPGs, but do gamers even want more PvP heavy games? I know I do, but I always imagined people preferred good PvE content over PvP.

Anyway, aside from Loong: The Power of the Dragon, Gamigo has a bunch of other great upcoming titles. Legends of Qin is one of those games. It has incredibly awesome graphics that are similar to Allods Online and Runes of Magic. The only reason the game isn’t released yet is that Gamigo is still working with the game’s developer to polish it up and make sure its well translated. Unfortunately though, the last update on the Legends of Qin official site was on July 29, 2009 so it’s been almost a full year since Gamigo released news about the game. Hopefully it isn’t delayed too long, as I’m getting a bit tired of Allods Online and want to try something new.

Gamigo actually has a few more upcoming titles that look neat. War of Angels, Black Prophecy and Soul Master for example all look incredible. Unfortunately, none of them look too original, but they’re all free to play, so I don’t mind. Who cares about originality when games are free, am I right? =).

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