Tales of Pirates 2 Should Have Been a Patch not a new Game

IGG recently released their newest game – Tales of Pirates 2. The game is basically the same as the original Tales of Pirates game, except with a small graphical update and a few new features. I say “few” because the game literally has only a few new features. The one major new feature is that the graphics are slightly upgraded and the other is that the game now has a PvP arena. If you compare the original Tales of Pirates game with the new one side by side, the graphics haven’t changed that much. I mean, even after the patch the game is basically a 2D MMORPG with top down graphics. Not much has changed.

This all makes me question why IGG decided to launch Tales of Pirates 2 as an entirely new game. As of now there are TWO games. Tales of Pirates and Tales of Pirates 2. They are being treated as two entirely different games, so if you’re really high level in the original game, you HAVE to make a new character on the new one. I suspect that IGG will shut the first game in due time, just as they did with Myth War Online when they launched Myth War 2 Online. It’s so dumb that they launched an entirely new game because all of these updates could have EASILY been introduced as a small patch for the original Tales of Pirate game. I’m so disappointed with IGG.

On a side note, IGG’s other new game – Tales of Fantasy is a tad disappointing as well. The game has these realistic 3D graphics which look excellent, but the game’s interface is so bad. In fact, the interface is similar to that in Conquer Online and Eudemons which are published by TQ Digital. So why on earth does this new MMORPG have such a poor interface? I have no idea. IGG needs to step it up if they expect to compete with the other big MMORPG publishers, especially with Nexon when they release Dragon Nest and Vindictus – two mega hyped MMORPGs which actually look quite amazing.

I actually play Tales of Pirates and am considering quitting now because of the new game. There’s no way I’m going to remake my character just to play with the new graphics. I wasn’t even that high level, but bleh. Maybe IGG will introduce one of those character transfer thingies, where you can move your character from the first game to the new one, sort of like what RF Online and Archlord did when they moved to a new publisher.

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