New Square Enix MMORPG?

I’ve seen ads lately on various gaming websites about a new free to play MMORPG by Square Enix. Being a big fan of the Final Fantasy series, I had to investigate. Apparently a company called GamePot USA is publishing Fantasy Earth Zero which was originally developed by Square Enix years ago. The game has been available in Japan for many years, but is extremely new in the United States. GamePot USA also publishes Bright Shadow and Mir2, so they’re definitely one of the smaller MMOPRG publishers.

Being a fan of Square Enix games I went ahead and gave Fantasy Earth Zero a try. The game’s graphics aren’t too impressive, as the game is old, but the concept behind the game is interesting. The game plays a lot more like an MMO than an MMORPG. Players start by choosing a faction and grinding their way up the XP ladder. The game’s main attraction is definitely its PvP components, as the game has very little PvE aspects. Factions must fight for control over various territories across the game’s vast world. Battles can handle up to 200 players at once, making each battle quite epic. Fantasy Earth Zero is definitely an action MMORPG, as you do a lot more than just point and click. You must actually aim your skills and swings to be successful.

In fact, the only other game that plays somewhat like Fantasy Earth Zero is S2 Game’s Savage 2. The two games are similar because both have the large scale PvP battles and players must construct buildings and fight for control over various areas on the map. Graphically speaking though, Fantasy Earth Zero looks more like Hero Online and Talisman Online than anything else, as the visuals are quite dated.

Personally, I didn’t enjoy the game too much as it was more of a PvP MMORPG than anything else. It’s also an old MMORPG that’s been out in Japan for years. The game would have been much more awesome if it came out here in North America years ago, as the game just feels out dated today. There are so many better MMOs to play

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