Best MMORPGs By Genre

I know there are a boat load of free to play MMOs and MMORPGs out there, so I wanted to create a quick list of my favorite MMOs by genre. Maybe it’ll help someone out there reading this find a game to play. Who knows. So anyway, let’s just jump into it.

My favorite 3D Fantasy MMORPG is Atlantica Online. It’s also by far the best turn based MMORPG out there as well. It beats the heck out of games like Wonderland Online and Zodiac Online, as those games are lame and have little depth. Atlantica Online is made by Ndoors and is actually their only really successful game. It’s DEFINITELY worth checking out.

Up next is my favorite 2D Fantasy MMORPG. This one was a tough call. I’m going to have to give it to Grand Chase. If you play grand chase for a while, the game really does grow on you. It’s published by Ntreev, who also publishes Trickster Online and Pangya, but those games are nothing compared to the awesomeness that is Grand Chase

Next is my favorite action MMORPG. That would be Dungeons and Dragons Online with GhostX being a close second. Dragonica Online is fun too, but it’s not nearly as in depth as Dungeons and Dragons Online. If you haven’t played Dungeons and Dragons Online yet, you’re missing out. Ever since it went free to play in 2009 it became an INSTANT hit.

Lastly, is my favorite MMOFPS. This one was tough, as there are so many good MMO shooters out there. It was a tough pick but I feel that Alliance of Valiant Arms deserves it with S4 League a VERY close second. Both games are top notch and I really can’t see why people PAY to play games like Call of Duty when there are so many awesome free MMO shooters.

Disagree with any of my favorites? Post below and let me know!

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