No More Strategy MMORPGs

I’m tired of all the browser based strategy MMORPGs out there. They’re all the same. If you’ve played Evony, you’ve played Lord of Ultima, The Seventh Dragon, Travian and every other strategy MMORPG out there. I’m so sick of these strategy games that I’m vowing to never play one again. They’re ALL the same. The only difference is the interface. The underlying gameplay is the exact same. Build up an empire, gather resource and raise an army.

There are a lot of other great games out there aside from strategy games. EpicDuel for example is an interesting turn based PvP MMO. It plays a lot like AdventureQuest and MechQuest, except with a strong emphasis on PvP than PvE. There are so many browser based MMORPGs out there that aren’t boring old strategy games. ZOMG! is one of them, and a very interesting one at that. It’s developed and published by the same guys behind Gaia Online and is set in the same universe. I love the game’s name actually, zOmg! It plays like a 2D client based MMORPG and is quite detailed. Then we have social MMORPGs like Habbo and SpineWorld which are fun if you’re looking to meet new people and just interact. There are a few cool trading card MMOs as well, the most well known one being Urban Rivals. Unfortunately though, there aren’t too many of these kinds of games, so fans of the trading card game genre will have to look elsewhere if they want something more than Urban Rivals, though Urban Rivals is a solid game.

The point I’m trying to make is that there are A LOT of non strategy themed browser games that are worth playing. So do yourself a favor and try one of these games. Strategy MMOs can be fun, but they do get a bit repetitive, especially since they’re all the same.

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