Character Creation in MMORPGs

If there’s one aspect of MMORPGs most developers tend to ignore is character creation. This applies to both pay to play and free to play games. It seems like developers just don’t care to put the effort into a solid character creation system, which I feel is a big mistake. As an MMORPG player, I want to differentiate myself from others. Most games nowadays, including popular free MMORPGs like  Fiesta Online and Rohan Online also do this. It seems like only a handful of games really got the whole character creation thing down real well. The only games I can think of with excellent character customization options are Perfect World and Earth Eternal. Every other MMORPG seems to do a mediocre job at best. When games have limited character customization, it really detracts from the game. I hate seeing hundreds of players running around that look EXACTLY like me. Come to think of it, this happens in Dungeon Fighter Online a lot, which is a side scrolling game by Nexon.

MMOs are usually guilty of this little problem too. MMOFPS games in particular usually have everyone dressed up as a ’swat’ members or ‘terrorists’, all of which look like carbon copies of each other. It’s not that big of a deal in most tactical MMOFPS games, but it is a small gripe I have with them. Thankfully, more lighthearted anime inspired MMOs like Lost Saga and S4 League do a solid job in customization. S4 League just has a good amount of costumes available in the game’s store, which spices things up. Lost Saga on the other hand just offers a boat load of playable characters. Plus, the way the game is built allows for players to customize their character within a match by defeating other players and taking their equipment.

Ultimately though, I can safely say 90% of free to play and pay to play games these days have lackluster character customization options. Even epic high budget titles like Runes of Magic and Aika Online would benefit from more variety.

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