Every MMORPG Should Have PvPer

I find it ridiculous that some MMORPGs have absolutely no PvP. Games like MapleStory and Hello Kitty Online have absolutely no player versus player components whatsoever. I feel that every single game should at least have some sort of PvP component to it. I’m not saying every game should be a PvP MMORPG or anything like that, I’m simply saying that every game should have at least a small PvP aspect to it. Player versus player combat allows people to see who’s better in combat. Obviously it’s not a true comparison of skill, as certain classes, druids and priests, for example in a lot of games aren’t particularly strong in PvP, but they’re vital for any group.

I’m also not advocating completely open PvP like that found in games like Tales of Fantasy,  Conquer Online and Mir 2. That would be way too chaotic for a lot of MMOs, especially the cute MMORPGs aimed towards a younger audience. But having no PvP in a game is terrible for everyone, as no one really loses out on a game with consensual PvP like dueling / arenas. It’s basically just another feature. It’s really disappointing for an extremely popular free MMORPG like MapleStory to have no PvP, as the game has been around for over 6 years now! There’s no excuse! Even browser games like RuneScape and Travian have PvP!

MapleStory and Hello Kitty Online aren’t the only MMORPGs without PvP. There are boat loads of games out there that have absolutely no PvP. These two were the only games that popped into as I wrote this. Every single MMO, be it a Fantasy MMORPG or Sci-fi MMORPG, should have at least some basic PvP aspects.

I can’t be the only one that thinks this. Even if you dislike PvP, you don’t need to participate. It would only enhance the quality of a game!

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