Best Free MMORPG Out There

Out of all the games I’ve played, It’s tough to pick which is the best. But if I had to pick just one game I would probably pick Runes of Magic or Dungeons and Dragons Online. Yeah, I said or, meaning I can’t decide out of those two, lol. Both of these games are incredibly high quality and have large MMO communities. Other great games like Atlantica Online and Jade Dynasty made it to the short list of the best free MMORPG, but I’d definitely pick Runes of Magic or Dungeons and Dragons Online.

I like Runes of Magic a lot because it plays just like Blizzard’s World of Warcraft, except with a subscription fee. You’d think that alone would make the game win, but the game’s developer and publisher ‘Frogster’ has done a great job with the game and keeping it up to date. In fact, I can safely say it’s one of the most regularly updated games out there. Chapter III for the game is expected to launch in a few weeks, so I’m totally pumped about that. The game also has an awesome ‘dual -classing’ system that helps differentiate it from World of Warcraft and other WoW clones like Allods Online. If you haven’t played it yet, definitely check out Runes of Magic.

I didn’t say Runes of Magic was the best free MMORPG. Dungeons and Dragons is also quite possibly the best. Dungeons and Dragons Online used to be a pay to play game, but went free to play sometime last year. After going free to play it exploded in popularity. The game’s playerbase literally increased 20+ fold. Dungeons and Dragons Online is fun because even though it’s a generic fantasy MMORPG in theme, it plays like an action MMORPG. One annoying thing is that outside of towns, everything is instanced, just like Guild Wars and Mytheon. The game also has a lot of playability, as each dungeon can be completed under various difficulty settings. The more difficult a dungeon setting is, the better the rewards!

So there you have it. The two best free to play games in my opinion as well as the two most popular free to play MMORPGs. What do YOU think is the best free to play MMO? Leave your answer in the comments.

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