Heroes of Newerth Finally Coming Out

Heroes of Newerth (HoN) finally announced a retail release date… May 12. I’m actually a bit upset that the game is finally being released, as gamers will need to fork over $30 to keep on enjoying the game. The game has been in Beta for over a year now, and in Beta, I was able to play the game for free. I learned about Heroes of Newerth from a friend of mine, and when I heard it was like DotA, I became a bit excited. After playing Heroes of Newerth for a while, I knew I could never play DotA again, as HoN is basically an upgraded version of DotA. Now that the game will charging money, I don’t know if I’ll keep on playing it.

I’ll probably end up playing League of Legends after Heroes of Newerth is officially released, as League of Legends is a completely free to play MMO game, unlike HoN. Both games are very similar, and in fact League of Legends is more original. While Heroes of Newerth is essentially a clone of DotA, League of Legends is an entirely new game. When I say HoN is a DotA clone, I mean it. Many of the heroes in the game are IDENTICAL to some of the characters in DotA. I can safely say that HoN is as much of a DotA clone as Runes of Magic and Allods Online are WoW clones. If you’ve played these games, you’ll know how similar they are!

I could always fork over $30 for HoN, but League of Legends is a great game as well, and completely free, so I’ll end up playing that. Anyone else here into League of Legends of Heroes of Newerth? if so, leave your names below, and maybe we can play together!

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