Anyone Else Tired of All These ‘Tactical’ MMOFPS Games?

You guys know the drill. Swat gear. AK-47s and M16s. That describes just about every single MMOFPS currently available. They all seem to mimic counter-strike with a few MMO elements (experience and shopping). Games like Operation 7, Mercenary Wars, Soldier Front and Sudden Attack are all practically identical. Heck, just about every MMOFPS is identical to every other MMOFPS. It’s safe to say once you’ve played one, you’ve played them all.

As a big fan of FPS in general, I’m always looking for new games to try, but I’m constantly disappointed by the lack of innovation out there. Only after learning about Battlefield Heroes did I regain some of my lost confidence in the free to play shooter market. For those that haven’t heard of Battlefield Heroes, it’s a f2p cartoony game based off the incredibly popular Battlefield franchise from Electronic Arts. The game is both light hearted and fun. It both looks and feels genuinely different from all the tactical Counter-Strike clones out there, which in and of itself respectable. Aside from Battlefield Heroes the only other genuinely ‘unique’ games in the free to play MMOFPS genre are Quake Live and America’s Army. Quake live is different because it doesn’t try to be realistic. It’s a bit sci-fi themed and crazy. America’s Army is different because it focuses on realism and teamwork.

On the other hand, the Operation 7’s and Soldier Front’s of this world are carbon copies of each other. I’m actually convinced that every single one of these tactical MMOFPS games are built off of Sudden Attack. Developers just grab the Sudden Attack source code and modify a few things here and there and label their modification a new game. I used Sudden Attack in this example because as far as I know it’s the oldest MMOFPS game out there. In fact, if you look at the interface in games like Combat Arms and practically every other MMOFPS, you’ll notice how similar the interface is to Sudden Attack, especially in the ‘equipment’ and ’store’ areas of the game. The fact that all of these games are copying Sudden Attack reminds me of how nearly every MMORPG is a WoW clone.

Anyone else here tired of all these generic tactical MMOFPS games? I know I am. I guess I can still look forward to Huxley: The Dystopia, Genesis A.D and Metal Rage as those games are supposed to be different (based on the screenshots I’ve seen and info I’ve read).

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