Awesome MMORPGs You Never Heard Of

With over 200 free to play MMORPGs and MMO Games out there, it’s sometimes difficult finding trying to differentiate from the good and the bad. By now, I’m sure many of you (myself included) have already played through some of the awesome well known MMORPGs like Allods Online, Battle of the Immortals, Runes of Magic and Dungeons and Dragons Online. Does this mean you’re done? There’s nothing left? Of course not. There are MANY awesome free to play games, that I bet you’ve never heard of.

Savage 2 Is one of those games. Savage 2 is a 3D Fantasy MMORPG published by S2 Games – the same folks behind the hit game Heroes of Newerth. I consider Savage 2 a hidden gem because it has a low playerbase, but the actual game is phenomenal. Graphics are gorgeous, gameplay is remarkably fluid and the game itself is completely original. The game is actually a third person action MMORPG with strategy MMORPG elements mixed in. It’s one of my personal favorite games for sure.

Another ‘hidden gem’ is S4 League. Anyone who has played and enjoyed ‘GunZ’ should give this gamea try. S4 League is a third person MMO shooter with fast paced gameplay and silk smooth gameplay. Plus, unlike traditional ‘modern era’ shooting games, S4 League has some interesting sci-fi elements. My only real complaint with the game is that there are only a handful of maps and game modes.

The last game on my short list of ‘Hidden Gems’ is Exteel. Exteel is a sci-fi themed MMO published by NCSoft – the same guys behind the more popular Guild Wars game. As is, Exteel is the only free to play game NCSoft publishes, but it’s definitely an interesting game. In fact, it’s the only ‘mech’ MMO out there. The game play like a fast paced version of Armored Core. Players can customize their giant mechs and battle it out against others.

Anyway guys, if you know any other awesome MMORPGs that aren’t well known, post them below!

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