Premium Free MMORPGs

We all know there are A LOT of free to play MMORPGs out there, but out of 200+ games, how many of those are genuinely good games? How many of those are genuinely unique well developed games? Not too many. Now, I’m no negative Nancy, I’m just a realist. I’ve personally had the opportunity to play many of these games, and out all the Korean MMORPGs and Chinese MMORPGs, there are a handful of awesome games. There are a boat load of low quality generic games as well. On the positive side, a lot of the ‘high quality’ games, are AWESOME games. Games like Allods Online, Aika and Jade Dynasty are genuinely great games. When I say great games, I mean they’re on par with pay to play MMOs.

On the flip side, there are countless generic grind oriented 3D fantasy MMORPGs. Games like Luna Online, Nida Online and Rose Online are examples of very generic anime MMORPGs with little depth. Don’t get me wrong, these game’s arent terrible, but they bring nothing new to the table. Provided they were the only games out there, they would be good, but in comparison with the ‘premium’ awesome MMORPGs I mentioned above, there’s really no reason to play these games.  So why do people play these MMOs? Don’t ask me, I have no idea.

I actually like that there are so many MMOs out there. Even if some of them are less than stellar, the fact that there are 200+ MMOs means that there’s more choice out there. Maybe you prefer Luna Online over Allods Online, that’s your choice. I just think Allods is a superior game, but I won’t criticize you for liking Luna. It comes down personal preference. Some people like cute MMORPGs, and I don’t blame them. I like cute themed graphics in the animes I watch.

There are other really high quality free to play games out there that I didn’t mention, but what do you folks think? What  are some other ‘premium’ free MMORPGs?

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