MMORPGs Need to Go Global

One thing I’d love to see change in the free to play MMORPG space is for MMORPGs to go global. IP Bans for one, need to go. Everyone should be able to play on a single global server. I mean, this should make sense, after all an MMORPG is supposed to be a MASSIVELY MULTIPLAYER online roleplaying game. The first two words are MASSIVELY MULTIPLAYER. The problem with MMORPGs right now is that they’re really fragmented. Different publishers run the same games in different regions. For example, Fiesta Online is published in North America by Outspark, while the same exact game is published in Europe by Gamigo. The same game is likely published in Korea by another company and in South East Asia by another company. The problem with this is that a game’s player base gets divided.

NosTale for example is published ‘WORLD WIDE’ by its developer, but is ALSO published SEPARATELY in the United States by Uforia. This ends up splitting the playerbase into two different servers.  Another issue is IP bans. As a gamer in North America I cannot play Ys Online, as the game is available only in Europe. If I were a gamer in Europe I would not be able to play gPotato’s Aika Online, as that game is only available in North America. When I say ‘only available’, I mean the publisher has blocked access to the game from other countries.

Here’s a solution to all the IP ban problems and fragmented playerbases – make MMORPGs global. Every game should have only ONE server. Let’s that I want to play the fantasy MMORPG Runes of Magic. I simply download the game and register over at any one of the publisher’s websites. After logging in, I see ,many  different ‘channels’.  Channels can be broken down into regions.  Channels 1-10 could be European channels (servers located in Europe) while channels 11-20 could be North American channels. South East Asia may have a few channels as well. Players would be free to change channels at anytime, giving players access to a truly ‘massive’ world. This would not only instantly boost an MMORPGs popularity, it would also allow for incredible PvP. With a larger playerbase, PvP would be more intense. Fans of PvP MMORPGs would love it.

The current system, in my opinion, sucks, as I want to see more people in the games I play. What do you guys think?

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