Favorite MMORPG Publisher

Without a doubt, my favorite free to play MMORPG publisher here in the United States is Perfect World Entertainment. They’re the folks behind Perfect World (obviously…), Ether Saga Online, Battle of the Immortals, Kung Foo and Jade Dynasty. The reason I really like their games is that they all have some emphasis on PvP combat. I feel that PvP MMORPGs have more ‘end game’ content than games without PvP. Don’t get me wrong, games like MapleStory are fun, but I feel like unless there’s some sort of competitive element to a game, I’m just wasting my time. I guess I’m one of those people that like competition. Obviously, playing MMORPGs in general are a waste of time, but If i’m going to sink hundreds of hours into a game, I might as well be able to compete with others and prove I’m better =].

I believe every single one of Perfect World Entertainment’s games have some PvP component to them. My favorite out of all their games is their 3D MMORPG – Perfect World. The territory control and guild vs guild systems are so intense. One lame thing is that the cash shop items can sort of create imbalances, but it’s no biggie. The game publisher needs to make money somewhere, so I’m not exactly upset. There aren’t too many game ruining items in the cash shop, like there is in Shaiya and Megaten. So it’s all good

What’s your favorite MMO publisher? Do you prefer games with PvP or without? Let me know =].

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