Diablo 2 Style MMORPG

One thing I’ve noticed in the free to play space is the growing number of MMORPGs that try to mimick Diablo 2’s incredible gameplay. Just yesterday, Perfect World Entertainment released Battle of the Immortals, which both looks and plays like an improved version of the hit classic. Before Battle of the Immortals, there were numerous other free to play MMORPGs that were similar to Diablo 2. Mu Online for example is a fairly old game, but generally plays a lot like Diablo 2.

TQ Digital also has a few games that play a bit like Diablo 2. Conquer Online and EuDemons Online for example have the same general isometric Diablo 2 look and action oriented gameplay, but the visuals are lacking. I find it fascinating that even though Diablo 2 has been around for 8+ years, modern games are still typing to copy its success. As a gamer, I actually like seeing Diablo 2 style games, as I feel there aren’t enough action MMORPGs out there. Come to  think of it, the only really good action MMORPGs I can think of off the top of my head are Dragonica Online and GhostX.

What do you guys think of Battle of the Immortals? I’m quite excited about it. I logged on the other day and I made a level 20 Magus character in a matter of a few hours. The experience rate is quite fast and the maximum level is 90+. One thing, I don’t like about Battle of the Immortals is its in game ‘bot’ system. The bot system works like the bot system in Magic World Online and Godswar – in that the game plays itself. Luckily, players are only given the chance to use the bot only 30 minutes or so each day.

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